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yacht for charter croatia

Today we headed to Isle of Komiza and the well-known town. It's drenched in Venitian appeal and with its lively cocktail bars this is a party port which is a highlight for passengers and celebrities alike - though none were seen while we were there. As we couldn't dock we stopped at a little beach and who would be there but a buddy I'd met in Portoroz. Here we went for another swim everyone was jumping from the top deck as I went to walk down the lower deck and sprained my ankle as water had slashed upwards and had made it very slippery. I went for a swim and it was wonderful. blog

Now it's off to Pula, which can be supposedly the birth place. We went when we got there, we went for a walk around the town I hobbled. Pula is an extremely small but beautiful area, where additionally you are able to charter a yacht. You sit at the top of the turret order your drinks and they are pulled up on a little lift like system in the pub to the top of the turret. It was freezing at the top after checking it out so, I had a vodka red bull and headed down to the next amount inside.

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