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special offers yacht charter croatia

They is intended to appeal to an older bunch with more genteel travel tastes and needs, while still coming in at an acceptable price point. We'd be sailing from Sibenik in the early morning, so my spouse and I flew in the night before to meet with another three passengers, the crew, and our hosts. Dinner was a grand seafood banquet at a wonderful restaurant on the marina. Lots of Plavac Mali wine, lots of local spirits like Maraskino cherry brandy that is deathly. Fun. But at 8 a.m., I was in no condition to get on a boat for five hours. I emerged as we were pulling into the delightful seaport at Sukosan. Calm blue waters, cream-coloured stone buildings in the backdrop. I felt considerably better. yacht charter croatia budget

That was already our 3rd day on a chartered yacht. The house Villa Serena, consisted of three floors of overstuffed sofas, shabby chic country decor in soft pastels, and a balcony overlooking the seaport. Exactly, quite simply, what a beach house should be. It was time for a swim. We walked 100 yards to the edge of the seaport, waded in, and splashed an hour away. The opening festivities for Fort George kicked off in the Port of Sukosan in the day sun.

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